Fight Against the effect of CORONA with ART

More than the infection / physical / fatal damage to the world, Corona Virus has its effect psychologically on people right now. It has created anxiety, fear, panic in people before it even infected them because of news spreading on TV and social media.

Social disconnection/ Isolation is one of the effective methods right now we can do to Kill Corona and to stop spreading. For humans social disconnection or isolation is one of the difficult tasks which affects people psychologically.

It’s always good to stay at home, not to travel unnecessarily, avoid crowd gathering, eat healthy and also not to spread fake news or read, be aware and take precautions.

Art is proven and the best method to overcome anxiety, psychological discomfort caused by social disconnection. So Let’s Indulge in some creativity to fight the effect of CORONA.

Here are the few simple things you can do to overcome anxiety.

Switch Off the TV/Mobile/Social Media

  • Draw something inspiring
  • Learn new things
  • Sketch what you love
  • Color your canvas
  • Indulge in creativity

Also keep yourself safe and healthy

Happy Sketching

1 thought on “Fight Against the effect of CORONA with ART”

  1. Not only corona, any stessfull situations in life we can easily handle with hobbies… I personally enjoys to do canvas paintings and skeches….jp arts studio helps me alot for improving my skeches , my way looking an object … definitely it helps me alot for my upcoming paintings also…
    Thank you jp sir??

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