As an Artist, How to Develop your unique Style?

Style can be described as how an artist portrays his work or subject to the viewer or can also be described as how an artist expresses his vision.

Will STYLE matters for an artist as an individual ?

Yes, Style matters for an Artist as an individual, its your own voice, but at the same time, one should not worry about it in the beginning.

STYLE is a cumulative effect of everything that an artist comes across like what he observes, what he takes inside, his knowledge on media, comfort zone,  thinking style, the time spent on anything, what he is influenced by, his likes/dislikes.

Style will evolve by itself with time and also changes with time.

How to develop a style 

  1. Look for other artist’s works, and their style, Try to copy their style which you like. Don’t just copy, try to understand what exactly they are doing.
  2. Try some more different styles from different artists you like, don’t stick to one.
  3. Do practice more,  sketch more regularly.
  4. At some stage without your knowledge, you may settle with one style, which is a combination of all the efforts made by you.
  5. Wait, Don’t stop there itself
  6. Come out of your comfort zone, try something different, and have fun.
  7. Evolve

It’s the same way kids grow up imitating their parents or someone they spend time with. kids learn by observing them, how they talk, how they walk, how they behave and, as they grow up they develop their own style of speaking, behaving, or doing anything and always there will be a slight influence of their parents’ style or someone else with whom they spend time.

Hence one should not worry about the style, it will evolve by itself. Rather one should focus on basic fundamentals and core concepts to make the foundation strong. When the foundation is strong, anything ABOVE will always feel good.

Be strong in BASIC FUNDAMENTALS, Style will evolve by itself.

Happy Learning 

2 thoughts on “As an Artist, How to Develop your unique Style?”

  1. Your way of teaching is very can easily get motivated.Please keep motivating all by your talents that you have.You are awesome!!

    1. Sujata Pawar

      This question nags every artist but the way you have simplified the answer is commendable. This will motivate a lot of artists. Keep writing n keep teaching. Thank you.

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